Privacy Policy


This policy applies to all individuals who either work at LIFE-FORCE Centre as an Employee, Self-Employed Contractor, Team Counsellor, Independent Practitioner, Student on Placement or any individual who contacts the Counselling Service as a client. When you liaise with or contact our Organisation we collect your data for the sole purpose of providing you with the area of work, training or of our services in which you have expressed an interest. Under the Data Protection Act and GDPR our Organisation has a legal obligation to explain to you how your data is managed. This Privacy Policy aims to explain in detail how our data management system is implemented and therefore how your information is processed and kept safe.

The processing of your information involves the following:

Where your data is obtained from

Where we collect your Personal Information from

We collect Personal Information about you in several ways when you:

What Personal Information we hold about you?

We will ask you to only supply the Personal Information we need in order to provide you with the service you have requested. We will normally ask you to provide us with:

What Special Categories Information we hold about you?

We will ask you to only supply the Special Categories Information we need in order to provide you with the service you have requested. We will normally ask you to provide us with:

How we use your Personal Information

LIFE-FORCE Centre uses your Personal Information in a number of ways to:

How and where your information is securely stored

All your Personal and Special Categories Information is securely stored either electronically and/or as paper records. The Organisation’s computer is password protected and has current regularly updated anti virus software. The computer is regularly backed up onto a hard drive and then stored in a locked safe. All paper records are stored in a locked filing cabinet or cupboard and both of these storage areas are kept in a locked office. Access to the office is restricted to authorised members of staff only.

The types of consent required to share your information

We only collect, process and share your data, with your consent, according to the following scenarios and reasons:

Right to withdraw consent:

Where we have obtained your consent to process your personal data, or consent to send you information, you may withdraw your consent at any time and we will cease to carry out the particular activity that you previously consented to, unless we consider that there is an alternative reason to justify our continued processing of your data for this purpose, in which case we will inform you of this condition.

Who we do and do not share your data with

We do not share or sell your data to any other company for marketing purposes.

As and when required we will share accident, incident and complaints information internally with our Services Support Manager/Health & Safety Officer and externally with our insurers, solicitors and any necessary professional body. On occasions, a client disclosure situation may arise, that require, your counsellor sharing your information with other professionals eg.GP, in order to provide you with support, however this would not normally be carried out without first gaining your explicit consent but would however depend on the nature of your situation at the time.

How we use your Personal Information for marketing

We only use your Personal Information for marketing when you have positively opted in by giving unambiguous written consent to do so. Our marketing communications include information about our latest CPD Training events, current organisational vacancies along with up to date counselling news. If you would like to receive such communications but have not opted in please feel free to Contact Us and give your consent to opt in. Depending on the permissions you have given us we may contact you by post, email, telephone, SMS or via a mobile application.

We understand that your circumstances may change and if so you can easily withdraw the marketing permissions you have given us and opt out, at any time either by using our contact details in this notice or by using the methods we tell you about in our communications e.g. the ‘unsubscribe’ link on our emails. However we are required by GDPR to keep a record of your name on an electronic register of individuals who would prefer not to be contacted by email. Should you subsequently wish to opt in again then we would need to confirm this written request with you personally before re-adding you to our marketing email list.

Right to have your Personal Information erased

In certain situations you have the right to request we "erase" your personal data. We will respond to your request within the agreed timeframe, although we may be allowed to extend this period in certain cases, and will only disagree with you if certain limited conditions apply. If we can agree to your request, then as a client you would be required to sign a Waiver Form before we could implement your request and delete your data. This would be on the understanding that for legal reasons we would need to retain the completed Waiver Form according to our retention policy. Should you subsequently wish us to retain your personal data again then we would need to confirm this request with you personally before proceeding accordingly.

Normally the information must meet one of the following removal criteria:

When complying with a valid request for the removal of data, we will take all reasonably practicable steps to delete the relevant data.

We are only entitled to refuse to comply with your erasure request for one of the following reasons:

How we keep your Personal Information up to date

LIFE-FORCE Centre has a legal obligation under data protection legislation to keep the Personal Information it collects in an accurate format and up to date.

We keep your information accurate by:

It’s important for both you and us that your Personal Information is correct. If you believe this is not the case then please Contact Us with the amended details and we will contact you to verify your identity and then update your information.

How you can find out about the information we hold about you

You have the legal right to request a copy of the information that we hold about you. If you wish to exercise these rights and would like a copy of some or all of your Personal and Special Categories Information we hold about you then please send a description of the information in question to our Data Protection Officer at the email address shown in the Contact Us section below.

We will get in contact with you to verify your identity and if we do hold information about you we will:

How we safely store and retain your Personal Information

All personal data sent to our organisation is protected while in our possession as we take our obligations to keep your personal data safe and secure very seriously. Within LIFE-FORCE Centre, access to your personal information is strictly controlled on a ‘need to know’ basis. Office Staff and Team Counsellors are only allowed access to your personal data once they have been sufficiently trained in data handling. We have specific technical controls in place to restrict access and these are monitored regularly. Our website is also monitored and protected to prevent it from unauthorised access.

We only keep your Personal Information for as long as we need to in order to use it for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. shredding at the end of the specified retention period.We have developed a data retention policy that sets out the different periods we retain personal information for in respect of these relevant purposes after which it is securely destroyed either electronically or by double crossed shredding. The criteria we use for determining these retention periods is based on various legal requirements; the purpose for which we hold data and whether there is a legitimate reason for continuing to store it (such as in order to deal with any future legal disputes); and guidance issued by relevant regulatory authorities including, but not limited to, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Personal Information that we no longer need is dispose of securely. Some personal information may be retained by us in archives for financial purposes although we will do this in a manner that complies with applicable HMRC legal requirements.

We continually review what personal information and records that we hold, and delete what is no longer required.

Please click HERE to view our Data Protection Policy(PDF)

Please click HERE to view our Data Retention Periods Table(PDF)

Our legal basis for processing your Personal Information

Much of our processing will be under the basis of “contractual obligation” in other words we need and use your Personal Information for providing the services we offer or you have entered into a contract with us for. However, when you have specifically opted in to receive information from us, our processing will be based on your consent. You always have the opportunity to object or opt out as detailed below.

What to do if you have a complaint

If you have a complaint about your data management then please click here to Contact Us and we will deal with your request promptly. For more information about your rights or if you are not happy with our response to your request, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) – for more details, see

For further information

Further information can be obtained in our Data Protection Policy at the link below.

Please click HERE to view our Data Protection Policy(PDF)